13 June 2021

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[List] – 20 Sci-Fi Objects

Need a quick name for an item or weird technology that has been discovered? This weeks d20 list has that covered. Its contents come from “Quick Generator – SciFi Objects

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D20 Object
1 Adaptive Chip
2 Atomic Network
3 Compressed Platform
4 Cryo Collar
5 Electro Auton
6 Enhanced Ray
7 Generational Reactor
8 Light Calibrator
9 Long Beam
10 Modulated Assembly
11 Nano Output
12 Nucleonic Mind
13 Organic Probe
14 Parametric Oven
15 Phased Drone
16 Photonic Compensator
17 Portable Glider
18 Secondary Tube
19 Secured Buffer
20 Waterproof Cube


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