29 July 2021

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[List] – 20 SciFi/Modern Academy Class Names

This list gives you some example content from the upcoming generators “Sci-Fi Academy Class Names” (Both quick and extended versions) – These are the names of classes that might be found in any sci-fi or modern world that has a focus on science – They might not be commonly found, that miht be very odd, or even seem contradictory, but if you learn something from it, then does it having a weird name hurt?

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Class Name
1 Casual Agrometeorology
2 Cerebral Sovietology
3 Collateral Ephemeral Phantasmology
4 Consequential Fungology
5 Doable Calculating Ktenology
6 Doubtful Agrobiology
7 Empathetic Gerocomy
8 Excellent Metagrobology
9 Instructed Assumed Fornicology
10 Lost Contingent Lexigraphy
11 Perfect Incongruous Trolleyology
12 Problematical Factual Sovietology
13 Pure Terminology
14 Reformist Psychopathology
15 Seasonal Zootaxy
16 Speculative Dosiology
17 Superficial Micropaleontology
18 Unbigoted Liberal Hydrogeology
19 Unreal Pragmatic Placentology
20 Xeno Spatial Urogynecology


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