8 March 2021

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[List] – 20 Space Vehicles

Todays list gices you 20 types of space based vehicles. Some long ranged, other for quick jaunts.

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D20 Starship Concept
1 Automated Command
2 Configerable Relief ship
3 Crude Quarantine vessel
4 Cutting-edge Mobile Refinery
5 Empty Colony
6 Experimental Merchant
7 Fake/Decoy Battleship
8 Heavy-Shielded Salvager
9 Intersteller Dreadnaught
10 Light Courier vessel
11 Light Shielded Seeding vessel
12 Long-Range Fighter
13 Orbital Remote Drone
14 Organic Government vessel
15 Plain Racer
16 Primitive Botany ship
17 Prototype Scout
18 Stealth Generation
19 Underpowered Ramship
20 Well-designed Constructor


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