6 March 2021

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[List] – 20 Spell Names

This weeks list gives you 20 spell names. They might resemble existing spells, but for the new ones, what do they do?

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D20 Spell Name
1 Blinding Shackle
2 Bludgeoning Ceremony
3 Delayed Force
4 Distorting Deflection
5 Double Bolt
6 Etheral Burst
7 Fast Arrow
8 Frost Pestilence
9 Howling Grapple
10 Invigorating Bite
11 Magma Vision
12 Monstrous Knowledge
13 Noisy Dismissal
14 Phasing Ritual
15 Revealing Dagger
16 Shrieking Weather
17 Slaying Light
18 Supreme Rite
19 Unholy Solitude
20 Void Absorption

Based on the PDF “Quick Generator – Spell Names” that can be purchased HERE or HERE

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