13 June 2021

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This weeks list gives you 20 names for a possible country.

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D20 Country Name
1 Autonomous Rayebo Association
2 Command of Poh'jesu
3 Communion of Uddadi
4 Confederacy of Kifewusa
5 Dominion of Keyiquuoaw
6 Enduring Equipcade
7 Erbohyly
8 Faku Realm
9 Grand Wojyeodwu
10 Great Compact of Jiduiwiar
11 Illustrious Vaator Hegemony
12 Jazeja
13 Liberated Principality of Kuhufofi
14 Os-Baquep'ka
15 Principality of Haax
16 Royal Reyazajn'ri
17 Superior Dominion of Neijies
18 Superlative Sovereignty of Quaunnu
19 Unbroken Mumi
20 Viebtera Command


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