23 September 2021

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[List] – Fantasy genre NPC concept

When playing any game, sometimes coming up with a concept for the npc your party is encountering can be tricky.  This d20 list can give you an idea to start off with.

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D20 Concept
1 Adorable Sharp Ranger
2 Brash Sanctimonious General
3 Deceiving Humble Smuggler
4 Egotistic Haughty Leatherworker
5 Fantastic Skinner
6 Haughty Cleric
7 Humble Sadler
8 Inconsiderate Terrified Cook
9 Melancholic Unhappy Tailor
10 Peaceful Barkeep
11 Peaceful Discouraged Gatekeeper
12 Placid Engraver
13 Placid Jeweller
14 Repulsive Trapper
15 Secretive Carpenter
16 Terrified Boring Sorcerer
17 Understanding Skinner
18 Unhappy Mayor
19 Unhappy Tentative Baker
20 Unkind Herald


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