20 October 2020

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[List] – Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can be found in many worlds and games, not just fantasy settings. They can heal, harm or simply make horrible food edible. They have names from the simple to what some might call deceiving, like “Emerald Rose” that isn’t a flower or “Dark Tree” that has no bark or leaves.

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D20 Herb/Spice Name
1 Beastly Hedge
2 Biting Hangmans Flax
3 Curled Feather
4 Diamond-Headed Ivory Hemp
5 Dwarf-Lobed Friend
6 Five-Leaved Hemp
7 Four-Flowered Desert Clover
8 Fragrant Adder Weed
9 Giant-Petalled Blue Crown
10 Glowing-Seed
11 Gray-Veined Food
12 Hard Donkey Ear
13 Morning Globe
14 Nine-Lobed Devils Straw
15 Sinister Ivory Bell
16 Sinister Purse
17 Smooth-Veined Cows Ainiseed
18 Stable Demon Tail
19 Twisted Water Holly
20 Wide Princesses Fig

Generated from information found in [Herb & Spices Name Generator] which can be purchased HERE or HERE

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