23 September 2021

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[List] – Magic Item Concept

When creating a world that heavily features magic, it stands to reason that there is a good chance of there alsos being magic items. The list below gives you 20 ideas or concepts to help with that.

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Magic Item Concept
1 Amulet of Diminution
2 Backpack of Regeneration
3 Bracer of Magician’s lock
4 Candle of Invisibility
5 Figurine of Charm person
6 Fork of Wishes
7 Helm of Control undead
8 Morning star of Fire
9 Orb of Charm monster
10 Pike of Metal detection
11 Ring mail of Water walking
12 Scroll of Detect traps
13 Skull of Floating disc
14 Skull of Speed
15 Spear of Invisibility
16 Sphere of Detect traps
17 Timepiece of Control person
18 Token of Alignment
19 Vambrace of Mass morph
20 Wand of Spell turning


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