29 July 2021

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[List] Prophet Titles

Prophets and Oracles are tellers and seers of the future – Through Divine or magical means they can peel back the curtain of time and see what the future holds. For some, they abandon their orginal names and go by a title, to help protect themslves or to add to their mystical aura. 20 such titles are listed below.

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1 The Bringer of Omens
2 The Bronze Oracle
3 The Craven Harbinger
4 The Dead Prophet
5 The Diviner of Benevolance
6 The Emissary of Creation
7 The Enchanted Seer
8 The First Seer
9 The Foreteller of Fire
10 The Foreteller of the Master
11 The Herald of Clarity
12 The Hungry Bringer
13 The Magus of God
14 The Messenger of Choices
15 The Oracle of Liberty
16 The Perfumed Messenger
17 The Primeval Bringer
18 The Sanguin Bringer
19 The Seer of the Flock
20 The True Foreteller


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