20 January 2021

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[List] – Trap Concept

Traps make dungeons fun* Add some to your dungeon…today!

*Fun may be a subjective experience

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D20 Trap Concept
1 Blinking Chain
2 Breaching Flower
3 Compelling Gemstone
4 Deafening Box
5 Devouring Armor
6 Disease Spreading Wood
7 Distorting Shield
8 Flying Basket
9 Freezing Crossbow
10 Freezing Vest
11 Growing Fountain
12 Impaling Table
13 Intoxicating Net
14 Poisoning Shoe
15 Reaching Pants
16 Scowling Gemstone
17 Shrinking Glove
18 Singing Brush
19 Swaping Web
20 Teleporting Lock


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