Merchant Caravan Generator live

Just the one generator this week as it’s quite a large one. This time, it is about merchant caravans. A sample output can be found below.

Merchant Caravan
General The caravan is… Traveling on foot with a few animals.
The caravan’s pack animals are… Mules.
The caravan is transporting… Gemstones – Diamond
The caravan’s general mood is… Desperate; a calamity has befallen them.
Caravan Master The caravan master is… A charming rogue.
The caravan master is looking for… The location of an ancient ruin.
The caravan master is taking special care to avoid… Bandits.
The caravan master carries… Extravagant jewels and silks.
Animal Handler The animal handler has… Incredibly large hands.
The animal handler wants to… Survive the journey.
The animal handler carries… A waterskin.
Cook The cook greets you with… A cup of cold porridge.
The cook is looking for… Some better ingredients.
The cook carries… A pouch full of spices.
Guard The guard is… A favorite among the ladies.
The guard works for… A chance to dole out pain.
The guard has… A beautiful, waxed mustache.
Guide The guide is… A strange hermit.
The guide is looking to… Help the caravan in any way.
The guide carries… A unique trinket or piece of jewelry.
Merchant The merchant is… Of common birth.
The merchant seeks someone to… Purchase goods.
The merchant carries… A family heirloom.
The merchant will trade in… Shells, beads, and trinkets.
Traveler The traveler is… An exile.
The traveler is searching for… The answer to a riddle
Tonight, the traveler is looking for… Accomplices on a quest.

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