29 July 2021

Ennead Games

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[Misc] Itch.io 50% off Ennead Games PDFs Sale Now On

No list this week, but its nothing to worry about as there is a sale on at Itch.io right now with pretty much every I have there discounted by 50% – but with itch, if you want to pay more to tip the creator you can. You dont *have* to , espically if finances are streached right now, but from a publishers POV its a good feature to have. Those who say you should charge more can tip , those who cant pay the regular price, everyone wins!


* =Sale ends in , at time of posting, in 13 days.

There is also a bundle with everything I have on itch as well, if anyone wants a large collection of pdfs. There is a goal there, but that more for me to keep track of things and not for anything specefic.


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