New Fantastic Feats, Campaign Chunks Compilation and the weekly roundup

New Fantastic Feats, Campaign Chunks Compilation and the weekly roundup

I have the pleasure today of releasing not one, but TWO products. The first is the next in the FF series and covers Luck. The second is a compilation of the first 10 volumes of the Campaign Chunks series into one handy volume.

Fantastic Feats Volume 54 – Luck

Luck is defined as success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. But what if your actions could change your luck? Would you try and change your luck or would it fight back and make things worse?

This pdf has 14 feats that help to manipulate your luck, plus a system for testing and pushing it as well.

Common Rules
Chance your luck
Chancing your luck
Luck Points
Luck point costs
Good & bad Luck effects

Related Feats
Chance your luck – Improved
Chance your luck – Major
Chance your luck – Greater
Chance your luck – Superior
Choose your luck
Hold off bad luck
Luck Duration
Luck Recovery
Luck of the underdog
Lucky item
Opportunistic luck
Share your luck
Superstitious luck
Very lucky

Campaign Chunks Compilation

Over the last few years I have been making the campaign chunks series on my blog. Each week I would add a new location, place or event. After a few weeks they started to become inspired by real world things as reality was much better a source of the weird and wonderful. Now, the first 100 are compiled together, in alphabetical order, with a contents page for ease of reference.

Some example chunks from the 100 :
17 Unknown Soldiers – Who are the soldiers found on a WWII list?
Devrok, the castle of The Blood Lord
Great Deep Abyss – Not the deepest part of the ocean, but something weird is going on here
Inferno Noodles – The hottest noodles you will ever have!
Human Magnets – Living beings who can stick metal objects to themselves
Lost Automata of DeMerch – A clockwork item some say is cursed
Emma of Lake Jade – Is this creature related to the one in Loch Ness?
Cathsar-Sarmal Boat Race – Annual boat race between two nerby cities
Vertigo City – A large city within a city.
Cookbook for Time Travellers – A novelty and popular cookbook
Please be aware of the following before you purchase this:
If you have the original volumes, either individually or as a bundle, the information within is, baring a few minor edits, just the same as before. This is simply a change of format and a contents page has been added.

Both Available now at –

DrivethruRPG (FF54  – CCC)

Tabletop Library (FF54CCC)

Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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