16 April 2021

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New Generator – Dwarf Settlement Names

As promised I have a new generator up and running, based on the “Dwarf Settlement Namer” PDF.


Sample output


The best thing about the new format is that by using javascript and short-codes, I can insert the generator anywhere on the site, including posts like this one. Go ahead and refresh the page and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

For the moment, the new generators will be limited to one generation per page view, but, I can very easily change it to multiple entries at a time.

Still got a few others things to try out and do, but, for the most part, the new generator format is done.

The main new page for these is called “Generators and Tools“. The older main generator page will not have any more added to it, but I will not take it down so people can still use the older gens if desired.

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