16 January 2021

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News – Blog/Site Changes

Warning: Long non-ranty Blog post incoming
TL: DR – Some changes coming to EG after I take a much-needed break.

The last 2 or so years for me has been a major struggle, both financially, physically and emotional. With a couple of deaths of close family members close to each other, my own personal health fluctuating and other issues, it has been a long period of stress, which is now catching up with me.
This is why there is no new releases or RPG roundup this week. After posting this post, I’ll only be posting “re-runs/best/favorites” posts until next Monday.

When I return on the 30th of January, I’ll be starting off some new changes for Ennead Games that will help me in the long term. It mostly concerns the website, but also concerns behind the scenes work as well.

Will stay the same with minor alterations, if any, such as trying to find new blogs or other articles for the roundup, or rotating the ones that are featured. This will be a perfect spot to promote your blog/site or new RPG related product as well.

Will stay same as is now for the website -e.g. a new generator when I can get one made, or highlighting an older one if I can’t. I’m still looking for a new format for the main generator page that makes it easier to add new generators from a back end pov.
Tuesday will also be ARC day on the patron. ARC is Adventures Randomly Created, which is a bit of a misleading title as the adventure is only an outline made via the Adventure Outline Makers, but it was a working title and it stuck. In essence, each Tuesday on the patron blog, I’ll be making a new ARC result, with the seed/concept made from the various Adventure Outline Makers I have produced. It won’t be a fully formed adventure but will have a core/idea to work from. At this point, the genres will just be fantasy/medieval and Sci-fi/modern, but as I bring out new versions of the AOM, such as for the horror genre, I’ll be adding those into the mixture.

To begin with, these seeds/outlines will be for patrons only of all levels, then every 10 weeks or so compiled into a handy volume, giving a bit of polish, maybe (big maybe) artwork if I can find appropriate ones.

If this takes off or doesn’t eat into my workload too much, then I’ll be expanding the results/pre-gens to others pdfs, again, for patrons only to begin with.

Wednesday & Thursdays
This is where the biggest changes will be coming in. The Campaign Chunks series and RIGS will, in effect be merging into one and expanding at the same time.
Wednesdays will be Fantasy themed “stuff”, with Thursday being Sci-fi/Modern. Other genres will also be featured, but, and I accept this is a poor generalization, will be covered by the various days.

What will be on these days? Things such as, but not limited to…
Items/Technology (including vehicles)
Genre specific content
Easthalen content – My RPG game world
Patrons Suggestions

I noticed that the chunks series was drifting away from what I originally wanted it to be and was too focused on real-life items. RIGS was a good concept but on its own, getting stale/boring and hard to work with.

This new format will give me more options to choose from. As before every ten weeks or so, these will be compiled into one handy volume.
The name for both will be sticking with Campaign Chunks, with something like Chunks – SciFi for Thursday or another genre appropriate name or subtitle.
Each type of post/entry – regardless of genre – will have its own format, which will develop, be added to and evolve over time. In theory, this will make it easier to switch or convert an item between genres and styles. Items will have one format, spells/powers another, NPCs yet another etc.
I will be keeping them system agnostic, to allow for use in any story or games, genre permitting. Will try to avoid having stats, but this will be more a guideline and any given will be in vague terms or as a %/100 etc.

Fridays will be staying the same, with a random list or two, depending on their size, but typically. Sometimes this list will be based on real life subjects, or be related to the product or theme the week has had. Patrons will be able to request a list done for publication on this day, within reason. Eventually, these will also be compiled into the Arbitrary Collection for pdf publication.

Saturday & Sunday

The Saturday/Sunday guest post slots will remain the same, with Phil/Tales of a GM covering the Saturday slot (for as long as he still wants to do it) and I’ll be on the look-out for someone to fill the Sunday slot and/or contributors for the others days.


If you have taken the time to read all this waffle, thank you. I will be on twitter/facebook etc so can still be contacted if needed for the next week, but don’t be surprised if I take a while to reply

See you in a week
May the dice roll ever in your favor

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