[List] – 20 Creature Concepts

Back into the regular rotation of things with 20 Creature Concepts!

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D20 Creature Concept
1 Anarcic Dragon
2 Ancient Werewolf
3 Artificial Hydra
4 Bound Shadow
5 Broken Cockroach
6 Calcified Gnoll
7 Canabalistic Ooze
8 Deep Orc
9 Degraded Gorgon
10 Desert Centipede
11 Disentegrating Goat
12 Dull Gelatinous Cube
13 Frost Pixie
14 Grey Kobold
15 Imposing Crab
16 Metalic Moth
17 Miniature Giant
18 Mummified Ape
19 Radiant Demon
20 Scarred Gargoyle

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[Weekly Update] – 8th of January 2020

Hi folks, time for the first update of the year/decade!  This one will cover both whats been going on and my goals for the next indeterminate block of time.


No PDF this week, but the promised mega bundle sale is now on instead. The blog post detailing whats going on can be found here, but it boils down to me needing some time to work on some much needed things IRL yet to still have an income for the month.

World Anvil

Port Ar came about from my D&D game, using a combination of generators, map makers and existing details and lore.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Outer Worlds is one and boy , what a great game…think I got what could be considered to be one of the “good” endings and i am soo glad I put the skill points into social stuff...

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Ennead Games 2020 Mega Bundle!

Ennead Games 2020 Mega Bundle!

Things have got to a point where I need to take some time-off, yet still need to have some cash coming in. It’s nothing bad, just there are many things I need to do IRL that I don’t have the chance to do and they are stacking up. Plus I need some proper time of to rest.

So, I decided to hold a mega-bundle deal sale!

Normally, the bundle would cost $578.36 if purchased individually.

But for the remainder of January (and a couple of days in February) you can get it for…


Yup, you read that right, $36.00 for a LOT of PDFs, over 300 – Practically everything on sale from Ennead Games at DrivethruRPG right now: Free/PWYW titles are not included.

That’s a saving of over $500.

The best bit is, if you already have any items in the bundle, the cost will be reduc...

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[List] – 20 Magic Potion/Mystical Drinks Names

With a new year, starting something new (for me that is) – Will be adding a link for the PDF the list is based on AND adding the result to a Helpful List style thing. Have yet to decide If i want to output the content once every 10 weeks or once every 20, but leaning towards the 10 right now.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Mystical Drink
1 Absinthe of Subterranean Seed
2 Ale of Secret Ignorance
3 Cocktail of Psionic Alteration
4 Coffee of Water Movement
5 Dram of Angelic Reach
6 Draught of Touch Imprisonment
7 Drink of Music Freedom
8 Extract of Sound Gesture
9 Fruit Wine of Pain Defence
10 Juice of Burning Activation
11 Lager of ...
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[World Anvil] – Port Ar

Port Ar

“Port Ar is the last stop before you get to Guldaria ,. Trust me, you better off dealing with this borderline lawless place than the hyper regulated ones in that place. I hear they have guards that read your mind there! Here? Keep your business legit, pay your taxes and fee’s and all is good…And sorry about the dead bodes there…”

– Typical conversation with new visitors to port Ar

Port Ar (Sometimes jokingly referred to by outsiders and visitors as Port Arrrrr) is the northern-eastern most port of the Elf-Dwarf Alliance . It is believed the name came form a noise/sound one of the founders made in frustration over trying to decide on the name. Other tales say that its orginal name was much longer and complicated but started with Ar and the shorter name stuck...

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