Equipment Maker SciFi Edition Volume 1 – Firearms

Equipment Maker SciFi Edition Volume 1 – Firearms

The future is quite often not as safe as people think. You need to defend yourself and others from those who seek to do you harm, through design or accident.

You need a firearm. Strictly speaking, a firearm inflicts damage on targets by launching one or more projectiles driven by rapidly expanding high-pressure gas produced by exothermic combustion of propellant within an ammunition cartridge. The name has stuck through common use that it can apply, according to most people anyway, any personal ranged weapon.

The EM series is designed to give you a brief description of the item, but the actual detail are left up to you.

This volume features…
a d100 table for descriptors
a d100 table for damage type
a d100 (with repeating options) for weapon type

smaller tables and rules that cover, in a simple way…
clip/ammo size
Mark/damage rating
weapon sight

Lastly, a d100 of pre-made examples ready for use, giving you examples such as:

“Northwatch” Negating Machine-Pistol
Chain Spatial Shotgun
Continuous Tri-cobalt Insanity Railgun
Elite Dark Matter Disintegrating Rifle
Phasing Slicing Rifle

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[Tales of a GM] – Love Sparks, Part 2: GM Replies

Love Sparks, Part 2: GM Replies

Phil Nicholls blogs at Tales of a GM, where he writes about narrative gaming, faster prep and more story. He is currently running a HeroQuest Glorantha campaign in a home-brew setting. Phil has written for Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips newsletter and produced a selection of self-published pdfs.

This essay is taken from the archives at Tales of a GM.

As I explained last week, the comprehensive Guidance chapter of Sparks RPG is a wonderful source of GM advice from Jason Pitre. This essay builds upon the idea of the character sheet as a love letter to the GM. The focus for today is how the GM should reply to the Player.

Spark RPG

Spark is designed by Jason Pitre, and published by Genesis of Legend Publishing in 2013...

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Random List – 20 African Deity Names

Africa is a large, old place. It contains many countries, as benefitting a continent. As such it has a rich and in some areas, long-standing mythological history.  Below are 20 deity names from various countries and ages of the African Continent. Some names may be other names for the same entity.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Name
1 Age
2 Aigamuxa
3 Andriamahilala
4 Bomazi
5 Bomazi
6 Chuku
7 Edinkira
8 Ghekre
9 Khuzwane
10 Libanza
11 Mbokomu
12 Neiterogob
13 Obassi Osaw
14 Odua
15 Rugira
16 Shakpana
17 Waaqa
18 Waaqa Tokkichaa
19 Wuona
20 Yemayah
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STA: Damocles – Season 0 – Episode 2 – The Kobayashi Maru

Star Trek Adventures: Damocles

Season 0 – Episode 2 – The Kobayashi Maru

In Starfleet, there is a long-standing tradition. One of the last tests a cadet can face is the now infamous Kobayashi Maru. It was designed as a test of character, a no-win situation that showed how you would handle a situation where no matter what you did, you lost. Some students did extremely well, some, like James T Kirk, cheated.

For a couple of cadets, who were destined to go onto to crew the USS Damocles, it proved to be quite memorable….

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Try using multiple genres in your game or story

There are many genres of fiction and gaming (inc RPGs). Science-Fiction, High Fantasy, Horror, to name but a few. You can see some of the genres of writing in this list here on wikipedia.

Many times I see games that are set in or focused on just one genre. To be fair this is understandable. It can ruin your immersion to be playing in a low-fantasy genre game only to suddenly for no reason have things like guns appear.

But that there is the rub of it – things appearing without reason. Give it an acceptable or appropriate reason for something from another genre to appear in your game and it can liven things up and make your characters afraid just as they started to develop the “We’re basically gods now right?” complex that many characters end up with.

For example:

Using the classic fantasy ...

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