Planned Weekly Streaming Schedule

Now real-life things have settled down, in addition to the pdf I bring out for Ennead Games most weeks, I can focus a bit more on the streaming for my twitch channel over @ MobiusTempus  .

A regular, predictable schedule of days, times and games will help a lot to grow the channel. This, so far is what I have planned for each day, with a summary at the bottom. All times are in GMT, but on the channel page, there is a widget that shows you the time of the next planned stream in your local time.


Time Slot – 7:30 pm

Game – Saints Row 4

After i have done the storyline, will be doing “Gat out of Hell”, then SR3. Probably won’t be playing the first two as I much prefer the goofy humour and weirdness of the later games.


Time Slot – 6:00 pm

Game – Star Trek Online

This will be ...

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Dungeon Features 7 – Statues and the RPG Round Up

Dungeon Features 7 – Statues

Whilst exploring a dungeon or other building, such as a castle complex or mansion, you can find many things, such as doors, artwork, furniture and much more.

This volume covers statues and helps you come up with a quick description or it for your players to find or to help you flesh out an existing one and give it more details.

Inside this volume, you’ll find tables for…

1 – Material
2 – Subject
3 – Inscription type
4 – Inscription Language
5 – Base/Plinth Shape
6 – Holding (If the statue is holding anything, this table tells you what that might be)
7 – Condition/Damage
8 – Quality
9 – Pose
10 – Size
11 – Quirk/Feature

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store (Spend over $20 on EG products at Open Gaming Store and get A BONUS OGS (non-bundle) product (PDF) ABSOLUTELY FREE!)

Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Random List – 20 Dark Elf Names

Another simple list this week, this time names that are suitable for dark-elf type characters. Some are designed for male, some for female, others gender neutral – it all depends and your story and game rules.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Name
1 Alusla
2 Arach'Cik
3 A'Verin'Quarth
4 Bel'Abbil
5 Faerbrorn
6 Faernnin
7 Fan'Naus
8 Ky'Arkh
9 Ky'Vals
10 Silply
11 Ssinply
12 Tagnik'Elam
13 Tagnik'Ssussun
14 Tu'trin
15 Ulan'Suul
16 Wael'Urden
17 Xuil'Elgg
18 Zakkhe
19 Zakndel
20 Z'Silt
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STA: Damocles stream this coming Saturday, Q willing

Assuming nothing goes belly up and we don’t get struck by some weird anomaly, the second part of the “pilot” episode of Star Trek Adventures:Damocles will be streamed, this coming Saturday on my twitch channel, which can be found HERE. (

Today I’m going to be writing up my notes and ideas for part two along with jotting down some thoughts for future episodes.

I already have one guest episode done by RPGCrunch which is planned to be used in episode 4.

On the stream day, i’ll be taking my cue, in terms of running things, in terms of chat and messages from Critical Role/High Rollers/Shield of Tomorrow etc (won’t be as professional as them I am under no illusion of that – IT’s 4 people playing a game and generally having fun).

I’ll be going over these po...

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Nation-House Profiles 2 – Biblios

Nation-House Profiles 2 – Biblios

“Knowledge is Power”

Designers note – This is the second of the great house profile for Easthalen and deals with the house-nation of Bilbios, scholars and covert agents

There is a common saying amongst the various races and houses that translates to “knowledge is power”. The House-Nation of Bilbios is the living example of that saying.

It is well known that their name comes from another world, as they were one of the first to cross the planes. In fact, the legend goes that the founder of what became Biblios, one Michael Dibosa, was if not the first to travel to another plane of existence and return with proof of the multiverse, then he was the first who was officially recorded doing so...

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