RPG Round Up – 16th May 2018

Don’t Forget – Everything from Ennead Games that is on sale on OGS (up until the end of March 2018…for $30



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Just found out the #DnDgate is a thing so I'd like to say a couple of things. I may be talking crazy because I'm semi conscious at the moment(dizziness and puking my guts out the whole day) but after seeing this happen for another time I& [...]
Wed, Jun 20, 2018
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Random List – 20 Planet Names

This weeks list give you 20 names for planets. These could also be used as the name for the start system they inhabit by simply dropping the suffix.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Planet
1 Abadicon XIII
2 Aeritris
3 Alsametroid Prime
4 Biomano Chi
5 Canamax Tertium
6 Canilento D
7 Crysthasize L
8 Dotronium Xi
9 Hippogynous Twenty
10 Kanganum Danomik
11 Kosmikocide Minor
12 Melomortal VII
13 Mutafic E
14 Myrmiling B
15 Nymphoterrestrial XII
16 Panapathic Psi
17 Teerobot E
18 Transdello D
19 Ubwsexual III
20 Viritropico II
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Ennead Games Mega Bundle

Week 2 of the Mega Bundle with OGS (Open Gaming Store)  continues. Nothing new has been added to the bundle but thought I would mention a few other titles that could be found within it.]

The price for this mega-bundle is $30 for 240+ PDFs and is only available until the end of May.

Some of the PDFs included in this bundle (and there are a LOT) include…

  • Tavern Kit 2 – For helping you to make the place where all good quests start
  • Technobabble Generator – Need some convincing words and phrases for your sci-fi themed game or story?
  • Star System and Planet Maker – Helps you in creating a semi-realistic star system and its planets
  • Assorted Slang and Terminology – Volume 1 – Thieves Cant , for when you need to authentic sounding lingo

All these and many others can be yours for $30 and purcha...

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Random List – 20 Halfling Names

Another simple one this week, some names suitable for Halflings.

First 10 on the list are female orientated and the next 10 are male orientated, but of course, there is nothing stopping you from using them on any character you wish.

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D20 x
1 Brittany Knotmould
2 Calamity Spinnermould
3 Esmeralda Marshhedge
4 Estella Crumblebone
5 Kayla Brandybloom
6 Nina Burrowbuck
7 Regina Bushmould
8 Sabrina Crumbleriver
9 Swanahilde Crumblemould
10 Victoria Leatherpie
11 Ansovald Burrowlake
12 Ansovald Darnsby
13 Grimbald Smallheaver
14 Hending Jumpsgirdle
15 Hildebold Spinnerback
16 Imninon Basecloak
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Ennead Games May Mega Bundle at Open Gaming Store

I originally planned to have this sorted for April and my BD, but RL gets in the way and for various reasons, it’s happening now, in May. The May Mega Bundle contains (almost) everything EG has released at the Open Gaming Store.

By purchasing this bundle (for only $30) you get…

  • 50+ Feats pdfs
  • Creature Description Generators
  • Quick Generators for handy quick creation, covering many various topics
  • Start to build an Empire with the “Empire Builder”
  • Design and plan a starship with the “Starship Creator” series
  • Flesh out your character backgrounds with the Backgrounds and Details Kit
  • and much, much more!

I’m not sure when, or more correctly, IF i’ll run a mega bundle like this again, so this is the perfect opportunity to pick up a ton of PDFs for your games

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