Random List – Starship Prefixs and Names

Another simple one this week – 20 Starship names with Randomly Generated (yet still maxing sense) prefixes, such as HMS (Her Majestys Starship) or RSV (Republic Star Vessel)

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D20 Prefix and Name
1 CGM Sea Rious
2 HMS Vampire
3 HMV Einsteinium
4 HMV Hammerhead
5 HMV Storm of Rimmon
6 IPS Ah Peku
7 IPV Castledale
8 ISS Confidence of Amurru
9 ISV Challenger
10 JGN Netherarbor
11 KNV Eradication of Math
12 LIC Hornet
13 NIR Athens
14 QNV Redeemer
15 RSV Vampire
16 UJS Greater fire elemental
17 UMV Aisoyimstan
18 UUV Reincarnation
19 VSS Kraken Me Up
20 XSS Unfathomable
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Random List – 20 Potion/Magical Drink Names

20 names/concepts suitable for potions or other enchanted drinks

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D20 Drink
1 Brew of Industrial Hiding
2 Cider of Earth Friendship
3 Coffee of Darkness Excellence
4 Concoction of Air Perfection
5 Dilution of Pain Automaton
6 Draught of Projectile Movement
7 Drink of Bludgeoning Reach
8 Drink of Giant Jumping
9 Drink of Touch Illumination
10 Extract of Aquatic Deactivation
11 Fruit Wine of Speedy Anger
12 Lager of Speedy Excellence
13 Potion of Eastern Digging
14 Pulp of Eastern Improvement
15 Serum of Slashing Fury
16 Spirit of Hypnotic Ugliness
17 Spirit of Language Seed
18 Tea of A...
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Christmas in July Sale

The Christmas In July Sale has started at DrivehtruRPG – At the time of posting this it will be on for another 12 days. Almost all of Ennead Games PDFs that are on sale there are reduced for the duration 25%.


Titles on sale include…



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RPG Blog Round Up – 18th July 2018


What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week? Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs and sites. Do you have exciting news or info you want to share, or a product you want more people to know about? Then contact Ennead Games via the contact form or via social media.

Wed, Sep 19, 2018
Source: DnD Blogs
Fall approaches and the only thing almost as good as Halloween season is brew season. Granted brewing happens all the time and spring is one of my favorite craft brew seasons, the fall has... [...]
Wed, Sep 19, 2018
Source: DnD Blogs
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[PDF] – Quick Generator – Class/Profession Concept

Quick Generator – Class/Profession Concept

The Class/Profession Concept generator is for those times when you need or want to create a variation or sub class or profession. You may have a ranger, but what type of ranger are they?

This Quick Generator covers the two main genres, so-called fantasy and sci-fi (although this could also cover the modern age).

There will be some overlap between the two, but a fantasy ranger, for example, will be different to a modern and sci-fi one. Also, don’t forget that as this is a random generator, you will sometimes get results that are odd, or weird. But don’t fret! Take it as a challenge and an exercise in stretching your creative muscle, but likewise, don’t be afraid to roll again!

Examples include…

  • Holy Bower
  • Solar Nano-Technician
  • Heretical Sorc...
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