[World Anvil] – Port Ar

Port Ar

“Port Ar is the last stop before you get to Guldaria ,. Trust me, you better off dealing with this borderline lawless place than the hyper regulated ones in that place. I hear they have guards that read your mind there! Here? Keep your business legit, pay your taxes and fee’s and all is good…And sorry about the dead bodes there…”

– Typical conversation with new visitors to port Ar

Port Ar (Sometimes jokingly referred to by outsiders and visitors as Port Arrrrr) is the northern-eastern most port of the Elf-Dwarf Alliance . It is believed the name came form a noise/sound one of the founders made in frustration over trying to decide on the name. Other tales say that its orginal name was much longer and complicated but started with Ar and the shorter name stuck...

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[List] – 20 Sci-Fi Firearm

Nice simple one to end things this week Sci-Fi Firearms

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D20 Sci-Fi Firearm
1 “Halfling” Handgun
2 “Zeigler” Leeching Pistol
3 Bio-controlled Negating Gun
4 Caustic Meson Projector
5 Cluster Sub-machine Gun
6 Hologram Disguised Pulser
7 Hyper Lance
8 Inertia Shotgun
9 Large Cannon
10 Mending Handgun
11 Micro Resonance Machine-Pistol
12 Necrotic Spray
13 Personal Disrupting Handgun
14 Resonating Neutron Sniper Rifle
15 Retro-fitted Lance
16 Seeking Projector
17 Sentient Carbine
18 Stunning Fusion Sniper Rifle
19 Sub-atomic Rifle
20 Trapped Pistol

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[PDF] Name Maker Real World Volume 3 Greek

Name Maker Real World Volume 3 Greek

The original name maker series from Ennead Games was designed to help you generate and come up with a name for your fictional cultures.

This companion related series took the same concept and applied it to real-world names, giving you a tool for names that are more in fitting with real-life settings and games that draw inspiration from the real world. This edition draws its content from a mixture of mostly real Greek names and ones that have a Greek feel to them.

Not every possible name will be covered, but enough will be to give you hundreds, if not thousands of possible combinations, especially if you use the middle name option as well.

9 d100 tables –
3 x d100 tables for feminine first names
3 x d100 tables for masculine first names
3 x d1...

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[List] – 20 Names for Gangs

It’s the penultimate Friday List for the year and today it’s about Gang Names

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D20 x
1 The Back Vultures
2 The Bronze Lodge
3 The Dangerous Circle
4 The Dreadful Front
5 The Eternal Order
6 The Firery Ones
7 The Front Federation
8 The Hells Herd
9 The Infernal Angels
10 The Ivory Posse
11 The Lawful Raiders
12 The Northern Coalition
13 The Pure Vipers
14 The Rebel Troop
15 The Reborn League
16 The Ruthless Knives
17 The Sneaky Performers
18 The Southern Tribe
19 The Superior Barbarians
20 The Unseen Crew

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[World Anvil] – Dagger of Rot

Dagger of Rot

Death does not come quickly to all

It has no power now, but when it did this dagger was one of most famous weapons in the whole realm. Legends say it was the blade that Furtha The Uncharitable used to inflict the Zombie Rot on the last queen of the Angors. Yes, thats right the queen who’s body rotted apart as if she was dead, whilst she was alive, her every living moment an agony of pain and suffering. Even though she was hated by many, I still say that what that dagger did to her should not be inflicted on anyone…ever…


The Dagger of Rot has a short blade with a bluish tint to it. It curves at the end slightly and has a hooked part to it. The guard is an odd type of gold that seems more yellow than golden...

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