25 September 2021

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Plane Maker details & RPG Round Up

Plane Maker

There may come a point when you have explored the entire world, or someone has done it for you. You crave to see new horizons, to travel to places other can only dream about and to experience wonders and dangers that are delightful and dangerous, sometimes both at the same time.

You may be a powerful spell caster seeing how far you can stretch your powers or a new god-like being bored with this universe and wanting to see what you can. You may even be a scientist, exploring the multiverse and the realms beyond.

Whatever your reasons, the Plane Maker is here to help you come up with the details about various planes, from both a magical and technological point of view and somewhere in between.

Inside Plane Maker, you find sections and tables that cover…

Base Plane – What is the plane based on; The prime plane, an elemental, astral or something else?
Created by – Who, or what, created this plane
Age/Age Apparent – Is this realm as old as it seems to be?
Ending – What is the ultimate fate of this place?
Purpose – Why was it created or what is it currently being used for?

Size and Shape
Size – Just how big is this plane?
Shape – If this place had a shape, this table would help you describe it
Edge – If you can get to the edge, what will you find?

Getting There
Entry method – What do you need to get to this plane
“Location” – In relation to other planes, where is this one?

Rules of reality
Visitors – Do the rules of this reality work the same for outsiders?
Differences – What are the differences between home and here?

Quirks/Features – Some weird and wonderful features that by rights should not work

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