7 May 2021

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Product Highlight – Technobable Generator Expanded


In all good sci-fi games and stories, having impressive sounding technology can help with the immersion.


If something is broken, faulty, been stolen or needs to be modified, you need to know what it is called. It can be weird effects, or something your scanner has picked up. The point is to make it sound futuristic and science-y


What is actually does though is another matter entirely.  That’s where the technobabble generator comes in handy. Sure you could try to come up with the problems and solutions yourself, but this can be hard work. A few simple dice rolls using the information Technobable Expanded and you can get such simple results as:


portable phase resistor optimal optical nutation
insulating gravitational display impulse gravimetric discriminator
harmonic gradient differential gyroscopic gamma device


or if you want something more detailed


We need to …
Optimise the gluon fusion defusor because it’s crippled
Adjust the gauss fundamental deflector because it’s crashed
Reboot the synchronised subsonic shunt because it’s split


The basic part of the techno babble generator has 100 * 100 * 100 (100 per category) combinations. This gives you 1,000,000 possible results. Now if you add in the expanded details you get even more  with 100 * 100 * 100  * 100 * 100 (100 per category) or 10,000,000,000..Yes that right – 10 billion possible results!

These results can be used in your games or sci-fi stories or even if you just want to try to impress someone, but we can’t recommend that last one.


Product : Technobabble Generator Expanded pdf


Generator : Technobabble Generator


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