17 June 2021

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Product Hilight – Called Away : Scifi Edition

Called Away- SciFi Edition

What happens your characters need to leave?

There are many times in games & stories when a player or character can’t make it to a session or you need to have a certain character not present at the same location as others for a short time. Where did they go? What are they doing when not in play?

This is where “Called Away SciFi Edition” can help you to fill in the blanks and give a brief overview of where the character or even a npc has been. The actual details are left up to you, but they can be a good source of future adventures.

The main table has 100 entries suitable for a sci-fi or near-modern setting with several sub tables helping to flesh out and give further options and ideas. For example,rolling a 33 would give you [Characters (npc) is being falsely blackmailed for a(crime) by (enemy)]. This in turn prompts you to roll on, or pick from,  3 other tables – in this case the npc, crime and enemy tables.

Rolling 3 d20s gives a 3, a 19 and a 7.  The 3 gives “close friend”, the 19 “unlicensed trading” and the 7 gives “cult leader”. This makes the reason why a character is not present for the mission to be “Characters close friend is being falsely blackmailed for unlicensed trading by a cult leader”.  As you can see this is way more interesting when compared to simply saying “Bob’s gone away for a day or so”  and sets up plot hooks for future missions and adventures. Continuing the example rolled above you could try to find out the following:

  • Who is the cult leader and why are they blackmailing the characters friend?
  • Why has the character had to leave the group to help? Do they owe the friend a favor?
  • What was the friend trading that was worth blackmailing about?

Get “Called Away-SciFi Edition” today.


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