6 May 2021

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Product Hilight – Starship Kit Volume 6.4:Other Systems

After a long hiatus, the Starship kit continues with “Starship Kit Volume 6.4:Other Systems”. This volume covers the other systems you may find on a starship. The Starship kit is system generic and not tied to any setting. It uses a simple system to help gauge how powerful, complicated or expensive a particular component is.

These systems are everything else that is not medical,enviromental, weapons,armor or anything covered ina previous volume that  you would find on a starship and features:

  • Cargo & Storage : What is the ship carrying and how is it stored?
  • Civilian services : With suhhegstions such as a counsellor or “adult” workers
  • Communication ; What type of features does your ship’s comms sytem have?
  • Engineering/Maintenance : What features does YOUR engineering have?
  • Entertainment & relaxation : Everyone needs a bit of R&R.
  • Food & Drink Related : From replomats to bars
  • General purpose : Just what is that empty room being used for?
  • Hangers/Shuttle-bays  : Uour drones and fighters need somehwere to launch from
  • Living Quarters : Where does your crew live?
  • Manufacturing & Harvesting : Need extra resources? Harvest them and do something with what you gathered.
  • Records/archive  : It’s a rare ship that doest keep track of what they get up to on a lng voyage
  • Religious : A rare system,but if you belived in a higher power, wouldn’t you want their blessing on a long and dangerous voyage across the void?
  • Science Labs : Study that weird rock you away team has found and more!
  • Security & Defence : Protect your crew and systems
  • Sensors : Just what IS that thing of the port bow?
  • Training : Make your crew the best they can be
  • Transportation : Move around the ship and get where you need to
  • Drones & automatic systems : From fighters to auto-matic repair drones
  • Experimental & Exotic systems : Covering weird, wonderful and dangerous systems

Each catagory has some suggestions and ideas to help flesh out the details, with quite a few of them expanding the details even further, such as the cargo section giving suggestions for the types of cargo being carried and the drones.

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