13 June 2021

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Product Sample – Quick Generator : Fantasy & Medieval NPCs

Sometimes you don’t need an insane amount of tables and charts. You may just need something quick and simple to help flesh out basic details without going overboard on the details. This is where the Quick Generator is helpful, providing you with a simple one-sentence description of a particular subject.

You get two tables , each with 100 results. Rolling once on each table, or even using the same number on each to save time, giving you a description of the NPCs personality and a career. This can be expanded if desired by rolling again on the personality table.

Below is a sample of the types of NPCs this quick generator can create.

D20 Example Created Name
1 Cooperative Warrior
2 Dependent Midwife
3 Detached Farrier
4 Determined Mayor
5 Fantastic Banker
6 Flamboyant Entertainer
7 Fresh Armorer
8 Gentle Sorcerer
9 Gives up easily Barkeep
10 Hedonistic Oracle
11 Inconsiderate Jeweller
12 Innocent Mayor
13 Languid Beggar
14 Open-Minded Seer
15 Placid Midwife
16 Punctual Captain
17 Unhappy Bishop
18 Unsure Bard
19 Vulnerable Bandit
20 Wild Wizard

Future producs in the Quick Generator line will include

  • Magic Classes/Schools
  • Magic Items & Artifacts
  • Spells
  • NPCs – SciFi/Modern Edition

Available here : Quick Generator – Fantasy & Medieval NPCs

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