Quick Generator – Creature Concepts 3 and the D&D blog Round Up

Quick Generator – Creature Concepts 3

The Quick Generator series was designed with one concept in mind – a quick and simple way to come up with something that could be used in your games and stories.

Having no more than two d100 tables, it is easy and as the name suggests, quick, to use.

Each volume is stand alone and doesn’t need other tables, but there is nothing stopping you combining or using the various volume together.

This edition is a sequel to the original Creature Concepts Quick Generator and has a focus on real-world creatures and their variations, giving you 100 x 100 (10,000 or 10k) possible creatures that are based on existing animals.

Possible creations include…

  • White-Tailed Chipmunk
  • Crested Rabbit
  • Dusky Tortoise
  • Star Stork
  • Gray Butterfly

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