13 June 2021

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R.I.G.S. #10 – Libram of Shadow

Libram of Shadow

“The pages…they seem to draw in the light around me. I can see into them..By the gods…its beautiful”

Libram of Shadow
Power Level: Major (4)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Several – 8 years
Condition: Average (5)

The Libram of Shadow (LoS) is a powerful book that allows the user to control the shadows around them. It is around 12 inches long, 8 wide and is approximately 3 inches deep. This includes the heavy-set cover which is a grey colouration. There is no marking to indicate the nature of the book or the contents. Most who see it assume it to be a big notebook or diary of some kind. It first surfaced about 8 years ago in the court of Luxium. The court sorcerer there was obsessed with shadows and their nature and made this libram to keep his notes, spells and ideas about them in one handy location.

The LoS is a book about shadows. It contains spells on shadows, details of relics to do with shadows, details on demonic beings who live within shadows.Some of the pages are theories and ideas about the nature of Shadows.

Some of the notable pages include:

  • A portal to the plane of Shadows
  • A spell that summons a shadow based creature to do your bidding
  • An incantation that allows the user to step into any shadow and appear within another within 5 miles
  • The location of several shadow magic based items and one artifact
  • The true name of a demonic being who lives on the Plane of Shadow

The powers of this book are activated by two actions: There must be shadows nearby, enough that the book itself is casting a shadow. Too much, or too little light and the book remains inert. The second is that the book must be held open on the appropriate page and held open there with the user’s hand on the page being read. The users finger must be directly below the word being read and must match the user’s reading speed. The page can be read aloud if desired but this is not required.

There is also a minor activation cost attached to the LoS.. The first page of the book says, in a language that any user can understand (as long as they are literate) that in order for the rest of the book to become active, the user must add at least one page of information or spells related to shadows to the book. This information, idea, spell etc, must not be present in the book already. If you simply wish to read the book, you can do so, but none of the spells and abilities within will be useable. On the first page is a minor spell that anyone who can read magic can use that adds a blank page to the LoS. It is this feature, to expand its power and worth, that makes those who have studied the LoS belive that it is on the way to becoming a powerful artifact.

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