R.I.G.S. #5 – Necromancy Octahedron


Octahedron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Necromancy Octahedron

Necromancy Octahedron
Power Level : Major (4)
Activation : Blood – Target
Approximate Age : Many – 45 years
Condition : Poor (3)

An octahedron is a polyhedron with 8 faces. Some say it looks like two pyramids stuck together. It was this realisation which gave the necromancer Gulan Negee, famed throughout the land for being one of the few popular necromancers, her most famous idea, what became known as the “Necromancy Octahedron”.

Necromancy is the magical art of interacting with the dead. Some necromancers use their art to simply communicate and bring peace to the dead, whist other use it for more nefarious means, such as raising the dead to act as servants and minions to do their bidding.

Gulan was not like that. She viewed necromancy as a tool. After a trip to a desert based culture and seeing what they called pyramids for the first time, she set about studying them and their effects. Eventually coming to the conclusion that the shape of the construction is what gave it power, her studies further revealed that other shapes, built to very particular instructions, would have other effects in her home land. After much experimentation she hit upon the octahedron. As stated before this resembles two pyramids stuck together, only much smaller and only big enough for 1 or two people to be inside at any one time, along with the user.

From the surface, a Necromancy Octahedron (NO) is like any other pyramid, just as mentioned much smaller. It is the second, inverse and upside pyramid where the magic literally happens. Activating the NO’s power is quite simple. A drop of blood that belongs to the one who shall be using the pyramid is placed at the apex of the upper pyramid. Then, on entering the lower half below ground, the user must sit in the spot which is the exact center. At this point the power of the pyramid amplifies the users necromantic abilities by approximately 40%. The stronger the user, the greater the effect.

This boost to power lasts until the user moves from the spot they are it or the blood dries out, which ever occurs first. This may be repeated as many times as required.

It is believed there is a secondary power that goes along with this. If there is more than one NO within a mile of each other, the boost is increased by a rough % equal to the number of active octahedrons. Some also say that those within the lower chambers can communicate and share minds and knowledge with other necromancers in the network, but this has not been verified.

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