7 May 2021

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R.I.G.S. #3 – Medal of Corruption

Medal of Corruption

Medal of Corruption
Power Level : Minor (2)
Activation : Random
Approximate Age : Decades – 30 years
Condition : Fair (4)

Around 30 years ago, there was a war. As was went it wasnt particularly noteworthy, but, as with all wars, there was many moments of terror and bravery.
To help with moral, and to reward the brave acts, medals were given out to those who had earned them. This was one such medal. As medal goes it was nothing particular fancy, nor was it made from expensive materials. A copper/gold-plated 8 pointed star on an octagon of the same material, with a blue ribbon. The name of the award and the recipient etched on upon it.

As it transpires, this medal was replaced by the enemy as part of a plan to undermine the those they fought against. It was a subtle plan, and it would affect many people, both directly and in directly. Due to the low-level of power contained within the medal and its unpredictable nature, it was able to pass all but the most stringent security checks. Afterall, who would suspect a medal of being the cause of these problems.

The medals power is, as mentioned , subtle. It is primed once it has been pinned to a user tunics or vest and worn for an hour or so. After that it randomly activates its power, which is to corrupt the user. It slowly removes the inhibitions and moral compass of the one affected. It also places a compulsion on the user to keep the medal about them at all times.

When the medal activates, the subjects has no idea what occurs, or they perceives themself to be a dream like state. When the state ends, after a period that ranges from one hour to 20 hours, they retain memories of what they did but not why. Then another random period of anywhere of between another hour and 3 days, before the medal activates again. Each activation slowly  & permanently erodes the morality of the one affected.

At first many thought this to be a form of PTSD. Eventually, the source was traced back to the medals, but this took many years and by then the damage was done and the realms greatest hero no longer cared for anyone but themself or had been locked away in prison.

Not long after the last of the award winners had become corrupted and fallen in the eyes of society, the enemy attacked again. With no great heroes to lead and inspire, the realm fell into enemy hands.

It is believed that if the medal is not worn when the initial corruption effect occurs, the victim will be safe from further activations. Also, some researchers has suggested that if they manage to keep the medal away from the victim for a period of times equal to at least 3 times that of how long the victim had the medal, the compulsion will be broken, although it does not reverse any mental damage already done.

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