20 September 2021

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Random List – 10 Steampunk Technobable Items

Need some technobable for a steampunk setting ? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

Taken from the upcoming “Technobable – Steampunk Edition” from Ennead Games

  1. Professor Edgerwood’s Mechanical Chemical Geo Construction.
  2. Lord Khekiel’s Augmented Tested Chemical Contrivance.
  3. Dr. Ari’Arean’s Radium Famed Empowering Serum.
  4. Baron Funog’s Etheric Cerulean EnhancedDevice.
  5. Baron Inessa Bodnar’s Charged Exalted Fantastic Technique.
  6. Count Hagalnos’s Empowering VitalizingArmoured Serum.
  7. Baron Z’velve’s VitalizingPrescient Promethean Engine.
  8. Baron Dryctwict’s Energetic Radium Health Device.
  9. Professor Petek Baykurt ‘s Enhanced Bonded Chemical Method.
  10. Mister Inful ‘s Excellent Prescient Charged Composition.




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