Random List – Ancient Egyptian Names

As you probably know or have guessed, I am a big fan of Ancient Egypt. The people who lived there have different names to the ones who inhabit the area now. Some of their possible names are listed below, a mixture of both male and female names.

D20 Name
1 Abdet
2 Amantep
3 Enhe
4 Genbet
5 Henar
6 Henhirhor
7 Hentit
8 Hepkheftari
9 Heptra
10 Heqnen-Pakebi
11 Khusatra
12 Nebimen
13 Nubnemkeesheri
14 Pasut
15 Sebtit
16 Setnematen
17 Shemepes
18 Tabtra
19 Tefhethirrenut
20 Tetpet


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