20 September 2021

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Random List – Food Dishes

April has the unofficial theme of “Quick Generators” for Ennead Games, and this week saw the publication of “Quick Generators – Food Dishes“, suitable for a tavern menu or a cook in your party. Roll a d20 and see what the cook has made for dinner tonight.

D20 Dish
1 Amandine Raccoon
2 Breaded Tenderized Tomato & Bison
3 Broasted Chicken & Shark
4 Candied Kinpira Elephant
5 Chaunk Crayfish & Horse
6 Cured Thermal Cooked Dove
7 Curried/Curry Monkey Sandwhich
8 Deglazed Amandine Gull & Partridge
9 Dried Cured Rat & Dove
10 Dry Roasted Gull & Pumpkin
11 en papillote Honey Glazed Watermelon & Chickpea
12 Fruit Glazed Alligator & Goat
13 Lobster & Mussel pizza
14 Pie Badger & Mango
15 Poached Leek
16 Reduced Dried Goat & Crayfish
17 Sauted Sliced Mutton
18 Squirrel & Eel burger
19 Tenderized Carrot & Goose
20 Velvet Pheasant & Kipper burger

If you need more check out the PDF here or the online generator here.


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