23 September 2021

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Random List – SciFi Objects

Throughout the Sci-Fi genre, people find and interact with weird and wonderful objects, from weapons, to tools and more. The list below gives you 20 such items. Roll a d20 and see which one you get. The question then remains; What does it actually do?

Content on this list comes from the SciFi Objects generator and PDF (available here)

D20 Object
1 Atomic Buffer
2 Atomic Cage
3 Compressed Recorder
4 Deathly Differential
5 Enhanced Virus
6 Extended Device
7 Hovering Manifold
8 Large Seat
9 Living Pod
10 Long Thruster
11 Miniturized Infuser
12 Multi-directional Pod
13 Nano Machine
14 Nucleonic Drive
15 Portable Rifle
16 Positron Emitter
17 Tank Mind
18 Ultra-Heavy Circuit
19 Unuseable Discriminator
20 Variable Projectile


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