26 July 2021

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Random List – Magical Item Concept

You beat the dragon, and opened the chest your wizard has said contains a magic item. But you have no idea what the item is and need a quick idea for a concept. Roll a d20 and see what idea/concept you get

D20 Magic Item
1 Belt of Floating disc
2 Bracer of Anti-magic shell
3 Club of Divination
4 Coin of Magician’s eye
5 Crossbow of Detect magic
6 Egg of Agility
7 Figurine of Pass-wall
8 Flail of Dispel magic
9 Gemstone of Diminution
10 Glove of Animate dead
11 Hood of Magician’s lock
12 Lantern of Healing
13 Mace of Trap detection
14 Oil of Magic missile
15 Robe of Control human
16 Spear of Fireball
17 Stone of Web
18 Whip of Clairaudience
19 Wig of Detect traps
20 Wig of Magic jar

Made from material found in Quick Generator – Magical Item Concept 


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