4 March 2021

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Random List – 20 Goblin/Orc Names

Those stinking gobbos in your tribe needs a name, youz can’t keep calling em stunty or smelly-grub, ‘eres too many of them. You thinking you give the a names like da humanz have.

Translation : Goblins need names , like humans etc do, to help tell them apart. Roll a d20 and see what name your pet gobbo has been given by the cheif today.

1 Brunzig
2 Deghak
3 Draxgrowl
4 Ernkyak Hornblod
5 Filno
6 Frowlgrowl
7 Graafil Hukvoz
8 Grynghaj Nakgraa
9 Hajslip Stragraz
10 Hornpork
11 Jaxgab Okslurt
12 Krulltonk Ratbiang
13 Ooghag
14 Pandhak
15 Piffvaz Snaryux
16 Pygsnot
17 Snotzaz
18 Uggryng
19 Vonpuss
20 Wazhag

Based on information generated from Quick Generator – Goblin Names

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