5 March 2021

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Random List – 20 African Deity Names

Africa is a large, old place. It contains many countries, as benefitting a continent. As such it has a rich and in some areas, long-standing mythological history.  Below are 20 deity names from various countries and ages of the African Continent. Some names may be other names for the same entity.

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D20 Name
1 Age
2 Aigamuxa
3 Andriamahilala
4 Bomazi
5 Bomazi
6 Chuku
7 Edinkira
8 Ghekre
9 Khuzwane
10 Libanza
11 Mbokomu
12 Neiterogob
13 Obassi Osaw
14 Odua
15 Rugira
16 Shakpana
17 Waaqa
18 Waaqa Tokkichaa
19 Wuona
20 Yemayah


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