18 January 2021

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Random List – 20 B-Movie Titles

Need some B-movie titles for your horror themed games? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

  1. Adventure to Beyond Hell!
  2. Battle of the Bat She-Beast!
  3. Dawn of the Flying Saucer!
  4. Destination Below!
  5. Earth vs. the Gruesome Troglodyte!
  6. Earth vs. the Killer Vampire!
  7. Earth vs. the Mechanical Apeman!
  8. Hunger of the Unimaginable Robot!
  9. Invasion of Saturn!
  10. It Came From Another World!
  11. Land of the Primitive Giant Lobsters!
  12. Planet of the Murderous Living Corpses!
  13. Return to the Planet of Death!
  14. Revenge of the Amazing Man!
  15. Revenge of the Unknown Beast!
  16. The Caveman that Defied Belief!
  17. The Island of Menacing Living Corpses!
  18. The Island of Satan!
  19. Unimaginable Apemans Vs. The Unstoppable Zombie!
  20. When Cavewomans Attack!


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