17 June 2021

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Random List – 20 Character Concepts

Need an idea for an NPC or PC? A starting point to start off your character creation? Well then you are in luck as there are 20 such concepts for you below!

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D20 Concept
1 Armed Security Guard
2 Blue Fire Fighter
3 Blue Mercenary
4 Celestial Gatekeeper
5 Clockwork Farmer
6 Deep Diplomat
7 Desert Private Investigator
8 Great Diplomat
9 Invisible Archaeologist
10 Mechanized Pirate
11 Mystic Drug Dealer
12 Night Hunter
13 Primal Skinner
14 Soverieign Hazardous Materials Handler
15 Subterranean Rouge
16 Temporal Drifter
17 Unseen Leatherworker
18 Vault Shepherd
19 Wandering Hacker
20 Yellow Armorer


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