20 September 2021

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Random List – 20 concepts for a space going vehicle

This week’s list has  content from Quick Generator – Space Vehicles. This one helps you to generate a quick description or class-name for many types of space-going vehicles, from armoured drop-pods to long-range carriers and more.

D20 Space Vehicle Concept
1 Atmospheric Cloaked Angular Cargo
2 Auxiliary Trans-Temporal Courier vessel
3 Bladed Cursed Bladed Terraformer
4 Breaking-up Stealth Medical ship
5 Cursed Aquatic Crippled Utility
6 Frontier First Responder
7 Medium Dirty Annihilator
8 Medium Sub-Orbital Cruise Liner
9 Mega General Transporter
10 Mega Planet Killer
11 Modular Fake/Decoy General Transporter
12 Poorly-made Survey vessel
13 Primed Slow Fleet Greenhouse
14 Prototype Vehicle Transporter
15 Slow Worker pod
16 Sophisticated Missionary
17 Stripped-down Gutted Cursed First Responder
18 Unique Botany ship
19 Well-designed Light Shielded EW Vessel
20 Wrecked Vehicle Transporter


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