23 September 2021

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Random List – 20 Cornish Names

Traditional Cornish names are derived from Celtic. The list below has 20 such names, with the first 10 being female names and the next 10 being male. This does not mean they are limited to just f/m but what the name was first used/created for.

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D20 Name
1 Borra Bosstan
2 Derowen pen Truwenn
3 Guenguerthlon Bosroc
4 Guenwened pen Helgarth
5 Ilcum Bosstan
6 Perem Godlan
7 Senara pen Godolphin
8 Talwyn Helryn
9 Tegen Lanstan
10 Zonoby Helyor
11 Argantmoet Trudennis
12 Brithael pen Lanzance
13 Drake Loststan
14 Gratcant Mawslan
15 Keby Godstan
16 Kenal Trenlyn
17 Kenwal Treyon
18 Sulcen pen Helstan
19 Tewdar Boddark
20 Ungust pen Helroc


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