13 June 2021

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Random List – 20 crops

A crop is a cultivated plant that is grown on a large scale commercially, especially a cereal, fruit, or vegetable. Societies in games and stories it might be handy to know what crop has been affected by the spell gone wild, or what crop is in demand due to what it can be made into, such as bread or beer.

So roll a d20 and check the result against the list below to see what crop the farmer has grown or the merchant has for sale.

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D20 Crop
1 Artichokes
2 Broccolini
3 Burdock Root
4 Butternut Squash
5 Cauliflower
6 Chives
7 Corn
8 Delicata Squash
9 Endive
10 Fennel
11 Morel Mushrooms
12 Mushrooms
13 Mustard Greens
14 Olives
15 Red Leaf Lettuce
16 Salad Savoy
17 Spring Baby Lettuce
18 Tomatillo
19 Wasabi Root
20 Yucca Root


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