26 July 2021

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Random List – 20 Dark Elf Names

A nice and simple one today, some dark elf names, suitable for any characters regardless of gender (depending on your campaign/story of course)

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D20 name
1 Abbelve'Carin
2 Abb'Ol
3 Belaern'Cik
4 Chet'Edol
5 Drola
6 Faerz'Yuet
7 Izzragbrorn'Urden
8 Jarlinjin
9 Khalhar'Quareth
10 Ky'Chet'Elender
11 Ky'Sil
12 Obsul'Edol
13 Ply'Alean
14 P'Quat
15 Rath'Faern
16 Tagnik'Zauv
17 Tekenla
18 Ulinhar'Urden
19 Waerr'Jhal'Quarth
20 Wholtalin


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