8 March 2021

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Random List – 20 More Demonic Phenomena

This list is another collection of demonic phenomena – The weird stuff that occurs when a demonic being materializes in this ream or is nearby. Eventually, these and other aspects will be compiled into a Creature Description Generator

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D20 Phenomena
1 A ghostly radiance glimmers from the exposed flesh of others.
2 Birds (and other animals) sing backwards.
3 Buildings fall into disrepair and ruin.
4 Buttons and clasps fall off clothes and belts become unbuckled.
5 Candles snuff out and fires die.
6 Colours change their hues.
7 Complex technology ceases to function.
8 Doors and windows slam shut by themselves.
9 Furniture rearranges itself when no one is looking.
10 Lights flash in the sky.
11 Liquids become alcoholic.
12 Pictures and wall hangings tilt and become crooked.
13 Radio and television broadcasts become scrambled.
14 Random distant scenes can be seen on reflective surfaces.
15 Recordings play backwards and reveal hidden messages.
16 Small objects move on their own.
17 Temperatures fluctuate from one extreme to another.
18 The smell of burning flesh.
19 The smell of rotting meat.
20 The sounds of torture.


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