7 May 2021

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Random List – 20 Demonic True Names (and Use Names)

Demons are tricky gits, always trying to make deals and trip up mortals in a deal that goes wrong. Knowing their true name can help not only with summoning them but binding them to your will Sadly, they true-name is often unpronounceable by mortal mouths or they have no wish for their true name to e used. So they have a Use name, something easier to say but often hold little power over them. “0 such true names and associated use names can be found below.

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D20 True Name (Use Name)
1 Ae-cher (Maggothowl the Sinful)
2 Ae'gueinur (Sinworm )
3 Aia-shnurchrh (Nibblegrue Bendfury )
4 Ao'yye-sh'aaoa (Loathoffal the Despairing)
5 Auxiy'iu-tl (Heartblister )
6 Da'zzbh (Mangecraze Ashgrim the Deceiver)
7 Dhmyss'nur-q'ao (Gobplague Skullfoam the Dark)
8 Ffea'oo'rh-ie'aa'ia (Pukepinch )
9 Gura-xy'e'gumiks (Clawtaint Maimblast )
10 Guuuuu'ilul (Sinewwind )
11 Gzeyuuil (Waterfiddle Bowelpest )
12 Hh'dh-za (Helmooze the Eldrich)
13 Kwyo-ie'ay-er-mueeoy (Cackleskull Maggotfire the Trickster)
14 Oafolmu (Whiprut )
15 Pp'hl-oe'ee-yu-aieu (Coldspume the Afflicted)
16 Pp-iell'q'tl (Rottenblister )
17 Yag'giee (Scabgross )
18 Yeule (Howlquake the Parasitic)
19 Yo-ilei'iuyo-gumy (Tremblemange )
20 Yyzak-ai-hhyyz-g'g (Tearcrab the Wrathful)


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