7 May 2021

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Random List – 20 Formal/Official Country Names

This weeks list gives you 20 Formal Country Names. These can be the official titles used by record keepers, or the actual name used by the inhabitants.

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D20 Country Name
1 Bekajiav Supremacy
2 Congruity of Ojbi
3 Congruity of Wiojal
4 Democratic Soyupeej
5 Egalitarian No-Muoyg
6 Enduring Sovereignty of Wezyxu
7 Federal Kingdom of Go-Vu
8 Federation of Vo-Fikucia
9 Geviyedu
10 Heaunliry Compact
11 Lu-Guzi
12 Orderly Noya Confederacy
13 Ovzouex Confederation
14 Principality of Amseyiji
15 Royal Expanse of Lyoniak
16 Superior Pa-Yeco-Ro
17 Tavna Accord
18 Ultimate Gupu Union
19 Unending Acli-Yine Nation
20 Union of Gedalihe


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