6 March 2021

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Random List – 20 Japanese Deity/Spirits

Getting back into the swing of things, although with the holiday season upon us, things really won’t be back to “normal” until the new year.

This week, the random list for you to use or draw inspiration from is about Japanese deities and spirits

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Deity
1 Aizen Myoo
2 Bishamon
3 Chup Kamui
4 Daikoku
5 Fire Fade
6 Fire Flash
7 Ida Ten
8 Kojin
9 Konohana
10 Kunitokotachi
11 Monju
12 Monju Bosatsu
13 Nichiren
14 Oanomochi
15 Seven Gods of Luck
16 Shoko O
17 Susanoo
18 Toyotama
19 Uke Mochi
20 Zao Gongen


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