7 May 2021

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Random List -20 Legendary or Mythical Weapons

Legendary Mythical Weapons are famous weapons that had a massive impact on history. A few of them may be argued to be simply stories but others are real and have achieved legendary or mythical status due to the impact they had on various cultures. See how many you recognise without searching on the internet.

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1 Caladbolg
2 Durendal
3 Excalibur
4 Fragarach
5 Gan Jiang & Mo Ye
6 Gram
7 Green Dragon Crescent Blade
8 Harpē
9 Joyeuse
10 Mjölnir
11 Pasha
12 Pashupatastra
13 Ruyi Jingu Bang
14 Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegār
15 Sharur
16 Sword of Damocles
17 Taming Sari
18 Thuận Thiên
19 Tizona
20 Varunastra


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