27 January 2021

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Random List – 20 Made up Compound Names

A compound is a thing that is composed of two, or more, separate elements; a mixture. This list gives you 20 pseudo-realistic sounding compound names. They may have a resemblance to real compounds in their name, but it is a coincidence.

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D20 Compound Name
1 Acetic Diverine
2 Calous Monoveride
3 Ceric Arseninium
4 Dehydrillic Veryl
5 Denous Oxyurol
6 Deplutidous Denium
7 Estide Diacetide
8 Furous Triviside
9 Gerous Triculoid
10 Meric Cerutine
11 Merine Acetybene
12 Methene Ascetyl
13 Perfuruvide Manine
14 Plutic Uryllol
15 Poly-Pentaalactine Hydroid
16 Selous Hypocerium
17 Tanate Triglyine
18 Triniacyllyl Calene
19 Tritium Pertocene
20 Visyl Methofium


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