7 May 2021

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Random List – 20 Magi-Tech Item Concepts

Magic-Tech is a maigical effect bound to a technological item, and there are 20 such item ideas listed below!

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D20 MagiTech
1 Animated Enhancer
2 Animating Resonator
3 Binding Differential
4 Clerics Drive
5 Clerics Module
6 Control Scanner
7 Detonating Harmonizer
8 Disintegrating Assembly
9 Draconic Deflector
10 Elven Manipulator
11 Fey-touched Synthesizer
12 Fixed Dampener
13 Fulgurkenetic Isolator
14 Lawful Fabricator
15 Necromancers Cluster
16 Primal Assembly
17 Primal Regulator
18 Sorcerers Compensator
19 Temporal Projector
20 Trollish Deflector


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