17 May 2021

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Random List – 20 Military Squad Nicknames

Certain sections of the military develop nicknames or codenames. This helps to identify them easier and promote a reputation. Knowing, for example, that the “Lethal Wolves” are coming after you sounds scarier than their official documented name.

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1 Ace Avengers
2 Amazing Raiders
3 Angelic Vampires
4 Desert Fortresses
5 Dirty Raiders
6 Double Raptors
7 Glaring Marauders
8 Imperial Guard
9 Incredible Paragons
10 Inglorious Saviors
11 Lethal Wolves
12 Quiet Rams
13 Relentless Assassins
14 Rogue Demons
15 Scorching Paragons
16 Sinister Guard
17 Sinister Liberators
18 Stalwart Rams
19 Steel Sentinels
20 Wandering Slayers


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