23 September 2021

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Random List – 20 more Chaos effects

Need a random magical effect for your chaos users? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Effect
1 A huge hand rises from nearby lake. Each morning the hand points in a new random direction
2 A portal appears next to the caster leading to a place of their choice
3 A random container or pocket within 50 feet becomes a bag of devouring
4 All coins the caster carries are now worthless
5 Anything the caster writes somehow becomes random math equations for 24 hours
6 Caster finds a herb hat if ingested or smoked gives them the ability to see into the past
7 Caster is teleported to the nearest zoo/menagerie and is turned into a penguin for 1d10 hours. Their equipment and clothes stay behind
8 Caster teleports to the nearest bathhouse and appears right smack in the middle of the bath
9 Nearest armour regardless of type becomes gold plated
10 Nearest armour regardless of type becomes silver plated
11 Nearest bonfire becomes portal to plane of fire
12 Nearest door shrinks to half it's normal size
13 Nearest pond sends anything droped or thrown into it 1d10 days into the future
14 Nearest walled settlement has it walls disapear for 1d10 hours
15 Next book the caster opens they find a small dead rat
16 Next creature the caster kills the corpse freezes solid
17 Next item the caster tries to buy costs x10 as much
18 Next time caster sneezes fireworks go off
19 Target is made weaker to other spells and abilitys
20 Target splinters into small copies of it self for durtion


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