7 May 2021

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Random List – 20 Potion/Magical Drink Names

20 names/concepts suitable for potions or other enchanted drinks

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D20 Drink
1 Brew of Industrial Hiding
2 Cider of Earth Friendship
3 Coffee of Darkness Excellence
4 Concoction of Air Perfection
5 Dilution of Pain Automaton
6 Draught of Projectile Movement
7 Drink of Bludgeoning Reach
8 Drink of Giant Jumping
9 Drink of Touch Illumination
10 Extract of Aquatic Deactivation
11 Fruit Wine of Speedy Anger
12 Lager of Speedy Excellence
13 Potion of Eastern Digging
14 Pulp of Eastern Improvement
15 Serum of Slashing Fury
16 Spirit of Hypnotic Ugliness
17 Spirit of Language Seed
18 Tea of Aerial Healing
19 Tonic of Sleeping Stickiness
20 Vodka of Blood Selection


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