23 September 2021

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Random List – 20 Scary and Unpleasant Creatures of Mythology

Not all creatures of mythology are pleasant, some of them are downright dangerous and a few are quite scary. 20 of those are listed below. Some are more suitable for particular areas or cultures, but all have an underlying nasty streak to them, something that makes them beings you do not want to encounter or upset. How many of these do you know?

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D20 Creature
1 Abyzou
2 Agares
3 Asag
4 Azazel
5 Azi Dahaka
6 Baraqiel
7 Belphegor
8 Buer
9 Djinni
10 Dybbuk
11 Eligos
12 Ghoul
13 Hundun
14 Lemures
15 Nephilim
16 Pishacha
17 Preta
18 Rakshasa
19 Succubus
20 Vetala


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